On trend in her soul.


Mireille Dermer Mengel’s instinctive fashion sense, honed at OTIS College of Art and Design, practiced while working at denim companies and fashion start-ups, and relaxed with years of living at the beach in Southern California, earned her professional admirers, including the team working on a Frank Gehry-designed hotel, who hired her for advice about upcoming trends and emerging styles. But it’s the friends who visited her home who gave her the confidence to take a break from her career in fashion and apply her innate talent to interiors.

“Friends would often ask where I bought this bowl or that candle holder. But the answer is never simple. I have been incredibly fortunate to travel, spending a week or sometimes more in places like Australia or Denmark and while there I obsessively absorb the culture, the people and the way they express themselves in their personal spaces. In the process I grab things that resonate with me – in shops of course – and bring them home.” Through her friend’s eyes, Mireille began to notice that her own laid-back but luxe living style resonated with people and that she had something to offer. An Inside Crush was born.

With An Inside Crush, Mireille offers highly curated, well-made, and on-trend items in each seasonal box that seamlessly update any space. “It’s like a wardrobe: you bring in new things and swap others out, according to the season or your mood. It keeps things fresh.” Guided by her eye for detail, Mireille searches for items that are subtle but powerful. “All you need is one fabulous touch—an unexpected flash of brass or a particular texture—to elevate an entire room.”

Each season, Mireille researches and collects her five “must-haves” and brings them to you, one box at a time.